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Refer to the Course Description page for course eligibility requirements.

GLOCK reserves the right to remove students from classes and/or permanent ban from future training due to violation(s) of firearms safety rules with no refund of class fees.


06/01/2017Armorer's Course1 CA, Woodland Woodland Police Dept. Lesh et al 12 Info & Register
06/01/2017Armorer's Course1 CO, Westminster Westminster Police Dept. Tueller et al Full Info & Register
06/01/2017Armorer's Course1 FL, Stuart Martin County Sheriff's Office - LE ONLY C.Evans et al Full Info & Register
06/01/2017Armorer's Course1 IL, Winnetka Winnetka Police Dept. - LE ONLY Clark et al 13 Info & Register
06/01/2017Armorer's Course1 MA, Hanson Hanson Police - LE ONLY Schmitt et al 14 Info & Register
06/01/2017Armorer's Course1 NH, Campton Plymouth PD - LE ONLY Banks et al 16 Info & Register
06/01/2017Armorer's Course1 TX, McKinney Collin County LE Academy - LE ONLY Cobb et al Full Info & Register
06/05/2017Operator Course2 PR, Gurabo Policia de Puerto Rico, Poligono Gurabo Parent, III et al Closed Info & Register
06/06/2017Armorer's Course1 AZ, Chandler Chandler Police Dept. Tueller et al Waitlist Info & Register
06/06/2017Armorer's Course1 CA, Hanford Kings Gun Center Lesh et al 10 Info & Register
06/06/2017Armorer's Course1 MD, Frederick Heritage Training & Shooting Center Schmitt et al Cancelled Info & Register
06/06/2017Armorer's Course1 ND, Dickinson Dickinson PD - LE ONLY Cobb et al Cancelled Info & Register

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